Friday, February 20, 2009

My Empty Mail.

Since the installation of a new computer some of the noises have changed. When looking for recent e-mails, my old machine ticked in disappointment at an empty mailbox. Now it gives a thud, like a guitar string being pinched while kept under some pressure with the palm of the left hand, or a tennis racquet hitting the ball weakly, possibly into the net. Since I have become emotionally sensitive to these signals, I would like to change them into more encouraging ones. After all, much depends on the way things are put. Is it bad to have an empty mailbox? One could construe it as a good thing, a lack of disturbance, and freedom from the need to reply and even a lucky break from spam. If only the machine were to give a happy chuckle of relief instead of the muted sound of missing out on something. Having gone through the built in options I have decided to go for the “ping” as the least bad one. As one old proverb goes, when I am sad my ping sounds sad...

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